Alexander Toporovsky (SASHA) – Empowering Women

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A Celebration of Women

is very excited to Celebrate the Surreal Works of this Man,

that truly appreciates the inherent Spirit of  a Woman.


My name is

Alexander Toporovsky

… I go by the name of


…when I paint.

I was born in the Ukraine, there Sasha is a nickname for Alex.

After spending six months in Italy, one of the Art Capitals of the World.

…influenced very young….

I immigrated to the United States,

inspired by beautiful Cezanne Style Landscapes,

with my family at the age of five.

Alex grew up in Southern California,and attended high school and college in San Diego. During College Alex worked for the world renown ‘Old Globe Theater’ as a scenic artist.
After finishing college Alex moved to Northern California with his wife. During this time Alex continued to do fine art commissioned paintings. He also started his decorative arts company doing faux, and mural work.

SASHA SAYS: “I have always dreamed of being a great modern day artist. I am currently pursuing that dream, and invite all of you to join me on this adventure. My dream scape paintings are designed to give you, the viewer, a chance to escape the everyday grind, and to take you to a place were you can rejuvenate and be at peace at any time of the day.”

Sasha ~ is an accomplished artist with over 17 years of painting experience. Specializing in painting exquisite landscapes and dreamscape paintings,
incorporating the beautiful Free Spirit and Strength of a Woman, as well.
In 2003, he moved back to San Diego, CA, during which time his company “Modern Masters” has grown into a full service decorative arts studio, and is known as a high quality company that services the high end residential and commercial sector.
…beautiful view out my window,
possibilities are Endless….

My parents soon got divorced, and I was raised by my Mother,

….and two Grandmothers.

Some Truths as a Legacy of their Mothers and Grandmothers…

By developing the

God-given Nature to Nurture,

Women have a Unique Opportunity

to ‘Change the World’.

  1. The influence of a mother has no limit and no end. She can share every aspect of her education and experience in the atmosphere of love she fashions.
  2. Creating a home is a way of creating a world.
  3. Women have abilities beyond their wildest dreams to organize and create.
  4. Women are the Soul of a family and a community.

It’s been said that Women are the

Survival Kit of the Human Race;

that Responsibility has been handed down

from Generation to Generation.

In fact, it’s a Ukrainian Tradition.

“I have always had gratefully

a Close Relationship with Women.”

Alex continues….

“During my adult life many of my friends have been women. I simply find women easier to get along with.

I see women as being the glue of society, the peace makers, and incredible spiritual beings. Men are usually strong because there are women in our lives who we can fall back on.

…in our younger years…

“My Wife and my Mother

are those Women for me.”

One of my new paintings. I call it


I created this painting using paint that was left over on my palette, wile I was painting other paintings. Love to hear from you. Let me know what you think.

“I like to Capture


Essence of a Women…

her Strength, her Beauty, and her Spirit.

It is my HOPE that I can

Empower Women

through the use of Art.

This is why I enjoy painting Women



Alex has a Sense of Humour, as well;

here’s his painting in the genre of

Social Media SPOOF.

“…Blah, Blah, Blah!”

…’ve got to Love it!

….please make room,

Andy Warhol!